Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Early spring weather winter-like along Eastern US

NEW YORK (AP) -- A strong low pressure system developed along the Eastern Seaboard Tuesday.

Winter storm warnings and winter weather las vegas advisories were issued across portions of the Mid-Atlantic and the Northeast, while blizzard warnings were issued in eastern Maine.

This system brought heavy rain to the southern Mid-Atlantic, while snow showers developed over the central Appalachians and the northern Mid-Atlantic.

Hilton Head Island, S.C., reported a midday total of 0.73 inches of rain, while Bedford, Va., reported a midday total of 4.50 inches of snow. To the south, thunderstorms formed over central Florida as a cold frontal boundary moved across the state. Key West NAF, Fla., reported a midday total of 2.12 inches of rain, while Miami, Fla., reported a midday total of 1.63 inches.

The central portion of the country stayed mostly clear of precipitation due to a ridge of high pressure across the region. Temperatures remained 20 to 30 degrees below normal across the northern Plains and the upper Midwest, as Waskish, Minn., recorded a morning low of -11 degrees.

Meanwhile, a cold frontal boundary inched eastward over the West Coast. This system brought rainy weather to Washington state, Oregon and northern California. Winter storm warnings and winter weather advisories were issued across the Sierra Nevadas today as this frontal boundary approached the area.

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